ContextBytes not working

Hi, I have searched for solutions to the problem of the contextBytes setting in cfsearch not working only to find that there was a bug in CF10 which was fixed. I am running Lucee 4.5 and the bug is still there.

Please assist me if possible

From what I read in cfdocs

The maximum number of bytes Verity returns in the
context summary.

This is a Verity thing that isn’t in either ColdFusion anymore nor ever in Lucee since they use Solr/Lucene as the search engine. What are you expecting it to do?

Thank you for replying Mark. I am using the Lucene/Lucee after
migrating from CF. All is great and fast with the only problem
been the search results. Context is limited to around 2 lines. I
have tried to change ContextPassages.

Basically I would like the search results to be a bit wider (more
lines of text) around the keywords for more context.

Thanks again