Concurrent User Limit On Lucee Server 3.3.3 and Tomcat 9

Hello everyone, I have a question, how many concurrent users can support lucee 3.3.3.
I know this depends on many factors but I need to know an estimate.

that all depends on what your code is doing (i.e how fast are requests served) plus your hardware configuration, i.e are you using a database on the same server or a separate box.

to figure this out, you need to set up a load testing tool and then load test the various parts of your app to see how your code performs on your hardware

Ok, i understand. But, I try to know is Lucee is for my company (small company), I have 100 people and I would have 50 simultaneous.

so I’m going to say that generally speaking, Lucee should be absolutely fine for your needs, but with all the above mentioned caveats.

if you under spec your server hardware or your app is slow / has bottlenecks, you’re going to need to do some performance tuning or upgrade your servers (or both)

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Is perfect for my.

There is no inherent threading limitations in Lucee (like Adobe CF) other than how many threads your web server connector can have open and how many threads your JVM can handle. I have a feeling by “concurrent” you don’t actually mean 50 people loading a page that the exact same nanosecond. Having 50 people “browsing on your site” at the same time is another story.

I can easily runs jmeter tests with hundreds of concurrent threads hammering a page so there’s no limits there. What’s far far more important is what those requests are doing, how much CPU intensive work they’re doing, and what shared resources (like a DB) they are accessing. Which is why load testing is the proper method of finding how many users your server can handle.

ok, i will use jmeter to know how many users my site would support.