Companies/Organizations using Lucee


We are planning to migrate our website to Lucee and to prove this standpoint, I need to show a list of some companies or organizations using Lucee. Does anyone have a compiled list? Mind you, I tried searching for answers in google and the closest result I can get is this: For coldfusion, at least I have an answer from quora

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This is a diffcult one to quantify since you can just download and run lucee, without having to buy a license and register it anywhere. I shall see if I can get some clearances and let you know some of our clients.

I know that a certain company with a fruit logo use it internally.

NASA was certainly using Railo for the Curiosity site and I presume they might have upgraded to Lucee.

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Thanks @markdrew. I’ll be eagerly waiting for your reply.

I know some companies that are using for both small and large scale deployments.

Like any technology, as long its maintained properly it will serve its purpose.

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I can confirm NASA did convert their Mars Rover site to Lucee. ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) also uses Lucee.

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Here’s a short list:

Apple (internal)
Scientific American
US Energy Information Administration
Smithsonian Institution
Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) (US Department of Commerce):
NASDAQ Investor Relations (many sites) : Example
State of Illinois
US Army Corps of Engineers
Environmental Protection Agency
United States Department of Labor