Community members' backyards

Starting with Lucee 5.1 we added a picture in the background of the admin (my backyard).
So with Lucee 5.2 we would like to go on with this new tradition.
Any suggestions?
We need a picture with a big horizontal aspect ratio and not with a high contrast.

my favorites so far

And when Micha says “my backyard”, he literally means LUcee 5.0 had a picture of what you see when you stand in his backyard in Switzerland. I totally think people should submit pictures of their real backyard (or at least something close to their house). It would be cool to have user-submitted backgrounds to underscore how Lucee is used around the world.

Oooh, here’s a crazy nutso idea-- we could add to each background the name of the user/company who submitted it and the site they use Lucee Server for. It would not only be a cool user-submitted picture rotation with each version, but a customer highlight too! :slight_smile:

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Hello from CMD Headquarters (also positioned in our back yard as you americans call it)

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Looks pretty darn Zen, Mark. Do I recall a video call with you where that backyard was in the background, and you were sitting just inside those doors/windows?

Could be! That’s my office :smiley: My camera used to point out, now it points in so I can look at the garden and house instead of a wall!

This is the view from the inside!

That’s it! I knew I recognized the scene. It’s as if I’ve been there before. Great shot. Love this idea!

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Backyard view from VSG HQ

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Sydney, Australia – Home of the Daemonites.

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This is night shot from my backyard in Tucson AZ. Most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.