Coloring a specific selection option within a multi record loop

The below code has a cfoutput query that builds a select statement. The style=“color:blue” within the cfloop option works fine. The style=“color:red” on the isolated option above the loop doesn’t work.

Need some help please.

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Untitled Document select * from pafpositions where pafnumber = '88' select * from appointmentgroups inner join appointments on appointmentgroups.appointmenttype = appointments.appointmenttype where paftype = 'CE' Select Recommended Action #getappt.appointmentdescription#

Your code did not come through but it sounds like you might have the divs incorrectly nestled. Go to and enter the url for the page that displays wrong and see if the code is valid.

Let’s make this simple. Why is it that the class redText doesn’t work in the below option?
greenText does.

Select Recommended Action #getappt.appointmentdescription#

Let me simplify my question since my code is not coming through.

How do I make the first option of a specific select statement always red. I’m trying to highlight to the user that they have not selected a value from that dropdown. It needs to be red when the page loads.

The sample code that I found only turns the first option red after another option has been selected.

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