ColdFusion.navigate is not a function?

Hoping someone can help me with this…I have an app that works 100% on coldfusion server.
When migrating the code to Lucee i am getting an error when executing a ColdFusion.navigate command.

Utilizing firebug to diagnose i am getting TypeError:
“ColdFusion.navigate is not a function”

I cannot find any documentation on Coldfusion.navigate and Lucee…is it supported?

Thank you

That’s part of the CF ajax tags. Lucee has some baseline support for that from back in the Railo days by Andrea Campolonghi, but I don’t know if they ever implemented the full JavaScript API that existed. You can enter a ticket, but fair warning, there’s only a 0/001% chance of any effort being put into it unless you’re willing to sponsor the fix. That said, it would be far more cost effective for you to just refactor any use of the ColdFusion javascript libraries out and use something like jQuery instead. I don’t even think Adobe has touched those in many years now.

thank you…not exactly what i wanted to hear…but appreciate the swift answer…wish i asked 2 hours ago…
its old code…didnt want to have to rewrite…but…no choice now.

thanks again