Clear individual template from cache (page pool)

Is it possible to clear an individual template from the page pool cache? It seems that pagePoolClear() clears everything. I’m trying to clear only the template that I have changed.

In AdobeCF, it is done like this:
<cfinvoke component="cfide.adminapi.runtime" method="clearTrustedCache" templateList="#fileList#">

I can’t seem to find an equivalent in Lucee.

Can you adit your post so we can see how you do it in ACF pls :slight_smile:

Sorry about that. Edited.

This might not be the reply you want but… If you use a key value store (like redis) as your template cache … cache, you could do that. I am not sure what the keys are but I am pretty sure you could look it up (it could be the template hash actually?)

It’s a thought. Unless @micstriit has a better idea?