Changing web admin password via command line / SSH


Wonder if anyone could help me, is it possible (or maybe will it be possible) to change a web admin password via command line / SSH? I know there is cfconfig but I don’t want to restart Lucee services.

Thank you in advance!

Just giving this a little bump as it would be really good to know if this is at all possible or could be possible?

I don’t think this is possible UNLESS you have configured Lucee to watch the config files for changes. If you’ve done than, then you can just use CFConfig:

cfconfig set adminPassword=myNewPass

Also note, there is no UI in the admin to turn on the feature to watch config files for changes. But CFConfig can also come to the rescue here as well:

cfconfig set watchConfigFilesForChangesEnabled=true

Note, the command above will take one last restart to pick up the setting.

Sorry for the delayed reply - missed your reply!

So once CFConfig is set Lucee to watch for changes in the config and the service is restarted that one time, I can then use cfconfig to change Lucee instances web admin passwords without restarting Lucee?


Yes, that’s the idea. I’ve tested it with other settings, but give it a try with the password just to make sure it works correctly.