Cfspreadsheet date/time column


For Date/time column, the CFspreadsheet tag seems only have the Date value available, but the Time value is not available. Am I missing something or is there a special way to get the Time value of a Date/Time column in a CFspreadsheet?


Hi @justaguy,

I’ve tested this. Could you please add more details about the issue & denote version of lucee.

In CFSpreadsheet ‘action=write’ ,

If I give both date/time value means it does not show any values in that column.
If I give only date value means it show date value properly.

In CFSpreadsheet ‘action=read’ ,

Both Date,time values are available while ‘action=read’ in Date/time column of the CFspreadsheet.

Thanks for the note, I used similar approach, oddly enough the excel files I worked on last night didn’t seem to exhibit same behavior as that of last night, let me check a few things and then get back to you on that.