CFSelenium setujp

Hey Everyone,
I am just getting started with CFSelenium and MXUnit after a long absence from testing.

I am hoping I might be able to get some help with setting it up, please.

The instructions say that you can add the path to the jar into Application.cfc - which is fine.
But which Application.cfc?
Is it MY APPs Application…cfc? Or do I have one for CFSelenium? or my testsuites/tests?

Moreover, if someone that is doing unit testing can provide me with a Directory structure they’re using please - that would be an awesome help!

As always thanks!

I have ditched MXUnit and have changed over to TestBox.
I quite like it.

As for CFSelenium, Still playing with - no luck…
If I get it worked out - I’ll update the thread - and am still open to any help anyone might have to offer.
Even if that help is along the lines of “Use XXX instead”.

As always - thanks!