CFSelenium integration test chaining

Not specific to Lucee but relevant to CFML developers generally.

I am doing some integration testing using the Ortus branch of CFSelenium to run through some site use cases. The technique I am using is to extend cfselenium.BaseSpec as shown below.

I am having issues with timeouts when I put more than one use case (describe() block) in a CFC. What I would really like to be able to do is chain many of these CFSelenium test CFCs so they can all run with a single command. Does anyone know if that is possible? Right now I have several uses cases running as integration tests with CFSelenium and they each have to be run separately. That is getting cumbersome as the number of integration tests increases.

Thanks for any fixes to this problem…


component extends=“cfselenium.BaseSpec” output=“true”{

/*********************************** LIFE CYCLE Methods ***********************************/

function beforeAll(){
	super.beforeAll( browserUrl = myurl, browser="*googlechrome" );

/*********************************** BDD SUITES ***********************************/

function run( testResults, testBox ){

	describe( “Some test suite", function(){

		it( "can open the homepage", function(){
		// etc.