<cfquery> not producing standard MySql output

Running Lucee on Ubuntu/Firefox/MySql. In my application there is a place where I call the same column twice from a table. In native MySql and in ColdFusion this works fine, and puts the duplicate column in the output. But in Lucee, it will not produce the duplicate column – both the output and the column list omit it. This is a major pain to code around.

Can’t Lucee <cfquery> work like generic MySql?

Can you use aliases in your query? eg. select customer c1,customer c2 from customers

Hi Simon,

Of course I had thought of that. But the list of columns to be produced is
generated by the user out of a longer list of potential choices. So I have
no idea in advance of what duplicates might show up.

Part of my frustration is that Lucee has gone to the trouble of cancelling
the generic MySql output. I can’t think of any reason at all to do that,
and wish that could be recoded to by in synch with the standard MySql.


Hi @bettymath,
Yes I’ve confirmed that duplicate column were not shown by lucee. Please open a ticket in JIRA https://luceeserver.atlassian.net/ and provide the information that you posted here.

Hi cfmitrah,

I followed your link but there was no clue there about how to set up a new
issue. I set up an account and found some documentation, which likewise
didn’t tell me how to set up a new issue. I really don’t have time to
fumble around with this.

If you’ll link me to the page where I should set up this issue, I’ll be
happy to write it up.



Hi @bettymath,
Created ticket for this issue. https://luceeserver.atlassian.net/browse/LDEV-1440

Oh thank you. It would be a big help if this were fixed.

If you want to send me better instructions for creating a ticket, I’ll be
happy to do that if anything else comes up.


Sure, For that you need to create account in JIRA. From that account only you can raise the ticket in lucee at https://luceeserver.atlassian.net

Yes, I did create an account in JIRA. I imagine I’ll find use for it.