Cfmail requires full email address in Lucee but not ACF?

I am converting an application from ACF to Lucee. In ACF, the cfmail tag does not require a full email address. We are able to just specify a username, rather than username@domain, and the cfmail tag would still process. However, it appears in Lucee that it is looking for the full email address (username@domain) or we get an error:

Lucee - Error (application)
Message - Attribute [from] of the tag [mail] is invalid
Detail - [user1] cannot be converted to an email address

Before I go and re-write an TON of cfmail tags, is there any option to make Lucee work with only the username rather than the full email address?


no there isn’t.

which mail server is accepting such from addresses?

It’s an internal Exchange mail server. Thanks for the confirmation. I’ll get to work re-writing our pages to include the full email address.


Once recent change in Lucee is that it now validates email addresses immediately, so a cfmail which previously failed validation when spooling, now fails immediately, rather than silently in the background

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