CFM Breaks if template charset is using UTF-8 instead of windows-1252

We are having a strange issue with using one file. Basically if the template charset inside lucee admin is set for UTF-8 the file linked below breaks because of the capital “I” with a grave accent on line 140, the error we get is that element at position 0 does not exist in the array. If we change the template charset to windows-1252 instead it works fine. We are not sure how to fix this. We have tried to remove this character but the barcodes become unscannable and it actually removes a character from the beginning of the string. We have tried adding random characters but the barcode is still unscannable. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

UPDATE: I was actually able to fix this problem by looking up the barcode 128 specification which has a table of ASCII equivalent characters. I replaced the “I” with CHR(0204) and it fixed the issue we were having.