Cfinput autosuggest attribute documented but not supported?

Hello folks,

I’m a bit puzzled here. As I’m working on “luceefying” my *dobe version, I came up accross a small wall that makes me loose quite a bit of time :slight_smile:

<CFINPUT autosuggest="cfc:ajax.GetCountriesSuggest({cfautosuggestvalue},'NL')" 
type="Text" name="Country"  message="hey!" required="Yes" visible="Yes" 
ENABLED="Yes" size="20" maxlength="30" onChange="needToConfirm = true;" class="modifier">

This piece of code would trigger a “attribute [autosuggest] is not supported”. First idea was to replace with a simple strike like “hello” but no will do.

That might (MM… Must? )have to do with this extract from

    public void setAutosuggest(String autosuggest) throws ExpressionException {
	throw notSupported("autosuggest");
	// attributes.setEL("bind",bind);

Ok, so, I’m not a java guy. (But I love that you exist and released that delight) so my reading of + required libraries is very basic. And gives me the feeling that, well, it is not implemented? But documented?. Like everywhere

That makes no sense to me. Please throw some light at me :grin:

the autosuggest attribute is not supported on lucee.
This is the PR for that.

Pull request:

So, if above link merge then only, not supported attributes will show “this is deprecated” in docs.