CFIndex problem with PDF content

Hi i have problem with cfindex.

the content of some pdf files are not in the collection. (the files are finde indexed)

i update or refresh my collection with cfindex.(no difference with update or refresh) With the same pdf files and cfindex-code, this making no problems with ACF.

Create collection with this code:

<cfcollection action="create" collection="#name#" path="#intranetdir#doks\">

Update collection like this:

  extensions=".pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls" 

And the indexing of files are much slower on lucee, is this a known problem?
(or the i7 on the ACF server is like double fast as xeon on our lucee server)


What version of Lucee are you using?

hi, thanks for your answer.

we use the latest version. with apache 2.4 on windows 2016.

Lucee uses a very old version of Lucerne, that’s likely your problem.

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thank you zac, we also realized that. we will switch to elasticsearch. is there a good documentation?

Yes, see:

We switched to Elasticsearch when we moved from ACF to Lucee and have found it much better than the integrated (Verity/Solr) functionality.

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Do you have a short how-to or some best practices to migrate?

No, but I’m working on a couple of getting started blog posts for Lucee devs. Hope to publish them soon at