Cfimage suddenly not working and then

This all starts with a website that uses cfimage to generate a captcha, which has been working fine for many years without significant change. Within the last week or so, the existing, previously functional code no longer generates an image. Instead a missing image icon is displayed.

The code:
<cfimage action="captcha" fonts="Arial" fontsize="20" width="150" height="30" difficulty="low" text="123456">

(Note that the text attribute is usually a randomly generated variable value)

The src attribute generated by the code above

`https://{my domain}/lucee/graph.cfm?img=74CB4B01-D7A5-4B35-A6ADFEA114ECA369.png&type=png`  

when plugged directly into the address bar, yields a 404 error. However, through online searching and experimentation, I discovered that if I add :8888 (no SSL) to the src attribute as in following url, the image is generated correctly:

`http://{my domain}:8888/lucee/graph.cfm?img=74CB4B01-D7A5-4B35-A6ADFEA114ECA369.png&type=png`  

When this problem started, our server was running Lucee One of the first things I did in an attempt to correct the problem was to upgrade to Lucee Doing so may have worsened the problem.

I now have trouble logging into Lucee server and web admins for all of our web contexts. Whereas previously I was able to login using, for example,, I now need to use (no SSL) to do the same thing. And frequently, when I am logged in and click a link to visit a different admin page, I must login again which sends me back to the Overview page starting an endless cycle.

I do not use the server or web admins on a daily basis, so I am not certain if this problem existed before my upgrade to, but I do know that everything was working as usual until about a week ago.

It seems as if things that used to work without specifying a port, now suddenly require specification of the default port 8888 (which of course doesn’t work at all with my existing SSL configuration). This leads me to question the systemwide mapping to the /lucee/ folder, which looks ok when I am successful in logging into the server admin and can review the settings, but results in a 404 error when :8888 is omitted. And I can’t specify port 8888 in the src attribute generated by cfimage, and have never needed to previously.

Or something. I dunno - I’m confused. :slight_smile:

I’m at a loss regarding what to do next, and I’m not finding online resources that deal with the specific problem I’m experiencing. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

By the way, my local development server, same version of Lucee, same files, works completely as expected.

Any recent change in the SSL certificate?

The SSL for the specific site where I first noticed problems with the captcha image updated automatically (via Certify Certificate Manager) on 6/18, which is after the problem first occurred. The new update has had no effect, and the image/login problems continue. But it may be important to note that I’m having this problem across multiple domains/web contexts/websites that all have unique SSL certificates.

Thanks for your attention to this problem!