CFFEED returns struct with empty keys, bonkers content

When I run CFFEED on a valid RSS feed in Lucee 5.3 (Java 1.8) I get back a stuct with empty keys in the dump, and the inner elements where the articles should be are all messed up too

Can someone try the code and let me know if it’s just me or not ? The RSS seems valid…

<cffeed action="read"

<cfdump var="#feed#"/>

Is this something that has worked differently for you in previous builds?

Just curious if this is something that did work, but now with your current build is malfunctioning.

Seems CFFEED has a few issues, there’s also this one

Can you file a new bug and link it to the above issue?

Yeah, it used to work; It seems to be a 5.2 to 5.3 change,
maybe ?

But, clearly, cffeed should never return a struct with empty/null

I wanted someone else to confirm before I raised a bug though.


solved, see tickets for detail.

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