Cfdump to file does not append

It looks like cfdump when outputting to a file overwrites the file every time. For e.g.
The two statements below only produce one output that is “dump 2”.
It overwrites the file each time instead of appending. Is this the expected behavior?

<cfdump var="dump 1" output="C:/cflog.txt" format="text">
<cfdump var="dump 2" output="C:/cflog.txt" format="text">

Also the output is wrapped in html tags even though the format specified is “text”. This is how the output looks like

<div id="x6" class="-lucee-dump"><pre>string dump 2 </pre></div>

Yes, in my mind at least. Having the option to append might be useful though. You could raise it as an enhancement ticket at

Yes this surely isn’t right. ACF doesn’t include any tags when dumping as text to a file . Again I’d suggest raising a ticket and marking it as an incompatibility.

Thanks. I have created LDEV-1616 and LDEV-1615 tickets for the append enhancement feature and the html output incompatibility.