CFDUMP in script causes a scheduled task to output empty file

Hi all,

I’ve been banging my head against the wall for quite some time now, so any
feedback would be greatly appreciated.

It appears that a simple script like the attached one cannot be run as a
scheduled task in my Lucee when I try to save the output to a
file (TXT or HTML gives the same empty file, of which only the modified
time is updated). When it is run in the browser, however, it executes just

Interestingly enough, when that single line of code is replaced with
#now()#, it outputs the same result on screen in
browser as well as in a file on disk from scheduled task.

I checked the same in CF10 and it executes fine with a scheduled task.

No errors in the schedule.log or any other log file are found.

Am I missing something obvious? Anybody ran into the same problem?

SSL is not used and I’ve tried to run the scheduled task against Tomcat on
port 8888 as well as on port 80 with the same problem as above.