CFDump crash (nullPointerException

Every time CFDump is called… I get a NullPointerException error with the following stack:

at lucee.runtime.config.ConfigImpl.getResource(
at lucee.runtime.functions.system.CallStackGet.abs(
at lucee.runtime.functions.system.CallStackGet._getTagContext(
at dump_cfc$cf.udfCall1(/Dump.cfc:74)


I’m guessing that I have a configuration problem, since this only happens on one instance (and not on the VM this instance was cloned from), so I’m hesitant to toss in a bug report, but… help??

Windows 10 (VirtualBox VM)
Java 1.8 release 202

I stumbled into the answer for this… I had a mapping for ‘/’ which was made invalid shortly after cloning the VM… so… this is now in ‘bug’ territory. Bottom line is… if your ‘/’ mapping points to a bogus location… CFDump will crash.

I would avoid / mappings at all cost. I found them to be extremely buggy in Lucee. Here is an unresolved ticket regarding / mappings that I never got a resolution to.