I have a cfm page with dynamic tables of content that when viewed as HTML in a browser and then select the FILE>PRINT menu item from the browser, I can choose SAVE AS PDF and in Firefox can scale the pages to 49% to make them fit to an 8.5x11 LETTER size page perfectly. However, if I try to use the CFDOCUMENT format=“pdf” route so the user doesn’t have to use the browser printer to create the PDF, it won’t scale my pages no matter what I put in the scale=“70” (70 is just a test number). It ignores it. So when the page displays the resulting PDF, page 1 of the pdf is just a tiny portion of the upper left corner of my table but blown up to eat up the entire pdf page. It creates 11 total PDF pages when the SAVE AS PDF function from the browser print menu creates the 3 pages I want and they look perfect.

I’ve tried the @page css to define my page size and it has no affect at all. i’ve tried to wrap my content inside a div that is set to the letter size w & h but it does nothing.

What am I missing?

According to the documentation, “Scale” is not implemented yet.