Cfdocument pdf different size after lucee update

Development machine Windows 10 with Lucee, was version now upgraded to
When the PDF is generated it’s much bigger and won’t fit in the window therefore cannot be printed correctly.
Any suggestions where I would look next ?


The PDF extension has been updated to use a new rendering engine called Flying Saucer.

I believe that you can re-enable the old render using a flag in your application.cfc:
this.pdf.type = "classic";

thank you for that I try now

I’m using Application.cfm and trying to add:
cfapplication pdf="#{type:classic}#" as per the video above and getting an error:
Attribute pdf is not allowed for cfapplication
Any ideas ?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated thanks

bug filed

in the meantime, you can try the application.cfc style as a workaround

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