CFDocument PDF and Custom Font


im trying to add a new language (Chinese) to a existing CF application. Everything works fine except creating the pdf document. The document simply shows ?? instead of the chinese characters. I tried adding the chinese font (SimSun ) by generating a fonts.jar (which worked for me on railo some years ago) and according to LDEV-1698 by adding the new fontDirectory param to cfdocument but nothing did help. I created a simple test page:
(for showing the same code as html)

I’ve got the feeling i’m missing something basic here, so i’m really thankful for any help.
Setup is latest Lucee version with latest PDF extension on centos6.


These posts might be helpful…

have you seen the newish fontdirectory option?

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I can research that, but since Micha made the most recent changes he might have the answer without spending time on it.