CFChart - does it read xml styles at all?

trying to make some CFChart line charts look like they looked in Coldfusion. I’m wondering if the charting engine is the same as the one in Coldfusion - and if xml styles are read at all, or if they are, if they have the same meaning as they did in Coldfusion. Because the results look different.

One example: a line chart with many values on the x axis. There are so many x axis value titles now that the titles are unreadable. For that I used

<groupStyle skipLabels="29"><format pattern="#.##0,###"/></groupStyle>

The skiplabels command results in just one in 30 x axis labels being displayed. This doesn’t work with Lucee. Why not?

cfchart in Lucee does not use the same charting engine as ACF and provides only limited support of the cfchart features. Lucee uses JFreeChart (, from which you may be able to search their site’s documentation to get what you’re looking for.

However, in general, using cfchart is highly frowned upon these days. There are so many free, open source, browser based charting engines out there that are much more capable and easier to use than cfchart that I cannot, honestly, recommend sticking with cfchart.

You can start by searching - there are a bunch of them these days. Chart.js, D3.js, etc. Which one will work best for your situation depends on what kind and what features you want/need in a chart, but they can all be easily fed with JSON data to produce the desired results.


– Denny

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thank you Denny !!

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