Cfcatch.detail blank in Lucee?

In ACF I use #cfcatch.detail# a lot for debugging or sending myself behind-the-scenes tech emails for troubleshooting/maintenance.

I’m seeing in Lucee that it’s usually blank? As exampled here:

Do I need to start using cfcatch.message instead?


Exceptions thrown from Java don’t normally have a detail because the Java exception object only has a message. But exceptions thrown from CF can have both. That said, I have no idea what sort of exceptions or you’re catching, from where, and why. Any time I want to debug an error, I always use both the message and the detail. I would suggest you do the same. Otherwise, there’s always a chance you’re losing valuable information.


@dlegate , I would suggest that you mail a dump of the entire cfcatch. For example, by embedding the dump within cfsavecontent. :slight_smile: