CFCamp 2017

Hi All,

Just noticed that dates for CFCamp 2017 have been announced, Oct 19th and
20th 2017 at Munich Airport:

CFCamp is a great conference for CFML developers and all CFML developers in
Europe should attend.

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Andrew - mso - Lucee
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The CMD Crew and the Localhost Podcast will be there. Will you?



I’m thinking about it this year… tis a long trek from Sydney.

What’s the venue like?

It’s a conference place inside MUC airport.

Re the distance from Sydney - I went there every year since (including) 2012.

Clearly Wellington is further away, stop complaining and book the trip :slight_smile:

The venue is great, it is right in the heart of the airport in a conference centre between the two terminal buildings… There is a Hilton Hotel right next to it, which I’m looking at for this year, or the offsite NH Hotel which the conference have used for the last couple of years for speakers…

Like @agentK said, stop complaining and book it… :slight_smile:

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