CFCACHE compatibility; dependson

Are there any plans to fully implement cfcache or are the current functions set? More specifically the dependson tags.

ACF compatibility is important to us – where it makes sense. What specifically are you missing from CFCACHE?

Hi modius,

I currently use dependson to check a cache key. So basically if they update the content on the backend it generates a key, when the service is hit it checks the key and if different will expire the cache.

I’m open to recoding it to fit with lucee but I’m not sure how I can expire specific pages of cache without tracking the page specifically by setting a cachId with set cache.


Actually CFCache is supported. Let us know please what you are missing. The functionality actually goes even beyond the one in ACF. But it might be that later releases added functionality which is currently not supported in Lucee 5.x,


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Gert. I would really be grateful if you could implement the following ACF cfcache attributes:


These are very useful attributes that are currently missing from Lucee’s cfcache implementation.

At the moment I am thinking of creating a custom tag to try and resolve this issue in a modular way. Using the default ACF cfcache tag and then creating a hashed id + dependencies, with getCache & setCache for Lucee, but it would be great to just use the real deal.

Thank you…