Can't connect to Upgraded MySQL

I’ve been going along happily using MySQL 5.5 on win7 but several events forced some changes on me resulting in:

o Upgrade to Windows 10
o Upgrade to MySQL 8

So, not much changed…!!

Whilst the MySQL software is happy in itself and I can work and manipulate it with the Oracle tools, I can’t create a data source with Lucee admin. It just says:

Could not create connection to database server

Any advice or experience which might help?

In my ignorance, I fretted that the MySQL Server 5.5 was still on the system and that there may have been a confusion about who was accessing what, so I uninstalled the 5.5 server, applied outstanding windows updates, rebooted and then set up Microsoft Excel and the ODBC connector and was able to pull data from the DB. So, it’s definitely accessible and yet I can’t create a data source to it. HELP!!

I’m assuming there are users using MySQL Server 8 on Windows 10 out there…