Can't access file in subdir


Our config :
Apache Tomcat 9.0.24
Windows Server 2016

I’ve used the windows installer.

When i browse the root directory (index.cfm) no problem.
I have a subdirectory called css where i store the style sheets.
if i browse to http://mydomain/css/mystylesheet.css i get an error 404, but the file si on the server.
I have make a try with a example file test.cfm (classical hello) it works…

Any idea ?


There can be plenty of reasons for that to happen, such like requestfilters or other reasons. You might check for the detailed 404 codes. A 404.1 error is different from a 404.17

Does it also affect a .html or jpg file in the same directory or only the css file? What happens with another directory? Does the directory and file have the correct right permissions?

I would try to tackle it down by getting detailed 404.X code first.

can you describe your webserver setup? Are you using IIS, mod_cfml etc?

@Zackster i’ve installed the basic windows installer with the IIS connector and the mod_cfml module but tomcat is used

@andreas i sut see an error 404. The error affect also a jpg file. How can I see the extension of the 404 error ?