Can not linking css or js file

Hi everyone,
Have a problem when i try linking css or js file in my web page.

Version: Lucee ( )
Tomcat apache 9.0
I don´t understand this because other web server like a java is not necesary configurate this for linking file.

What configuration do you have? Tomcat+Apache or IIS, express or what? I suppose Tomcat+Apache. Does the same thing happen, when you access the website directly over tomcats port 8888 instead of 8080? If it works over 8888, then you probably have to configure Apache/or IIS to serve that files directly. My guess is that Apache is only passing .cfm/.cfc files to tomcat, and other files like js, or css are not being served at all by apache. If that is the case, that will be happening to images or other none cf files also.

Just saw that I didn’t see your installed version in your post. Here is a guess: