Cache Session / Client - same thing when using cache plugin? Double storing?

We have one main “cache plugin” which also has “Allow to use this cache as client/session storage” turned on and we are also using it in our application.cfc.

My BIG question though is if we are doubling up on our storage between “session” and also “client”. For years with CF, we used to always know “session” was stored in local ram BUT we also wanted to “remember users” for MUCH longer so we also store a few more details about the “user” as a “client variable”. Client variables were also used X years ago to deal with a load balanced setup – yes, main website still load balanced.

Thinking our code may be “doubling up” between session/client since BOTH would be stored in “client/session storage” setup – yes?

<cfset client.user = userJSON />
<cflock scope="Session" type="exclusive" timeout="20">
	<cfset session.user = userJSON>

We store all this in memcached and have looked at the “elements” but part of it is “encrypted” so not easy to decipher if we are “double storing” and looking for official word on this?

No less we seem to “fill up” 1 gig of memcached TOO DAM quickly with our other page elements we are caching – majority being “user session” data though.