Cache difference between IdleTime and LifeTime

What is the difference for the setting in the InfiniSpan Cache Extension LifeTime vs. IdleTime?
I need to secure, that an entry at least stay for 90 days in the cache, then id could be removed from there.
Do I need to use IdleTime or LifeTime?

It’s my understanding that LifeTime is how long the cached data will be kept indefinitely and IdleTime is how long the cached data will be kept without being accessed (going stale). So if you absolutely need the data to remain for 90 days, regardless of whether it’s been accessed, you might be best off setting both to that length of time. I am not sure if omitting IdleTime will assume the length of LifeTime.

I just answered the same cross-posted question in CFML Slack. :slight_smile:

Can you quote it here, slack doesn’t persist…