Bug in getFileInfo?

I’ve found a strange issue in Lucee (; also reproducable in
Railo. System tested is Windows 2008/2012.

Determining the size of a file with getFileInfo(…).size returns a wrong
size, if the file is more than about 30MB in size. The size varies only by
a few bytes.
The problem is when downloading a file with content-length in header; the
file get’s corrupted after downloaded.

I did some tests and found the following result:

===> File size( in
queryname.size) is ok!
<cfset filesize=getFileInfo(“d:\test.zip”) ===> Filesize returned is WRONG,
if file is larger than about 30/40MB!!
<cfset filesize
= createObject(“java”,“java.io.File”).init(“d:\test.txt”).length() />
====> File size is ok!

Conclusion: There has to be a bug in the GetFileInfo-Function determining
the size. In ColdFusion, the size returned by getFileInfo is correct.