Bug - comments shown in Fiddler

Scary bug possibly… I was playing around with Fiddler and was shocked to see a secret comment displayed in the text view of fiddler that I had stored in a lucee comment in a file included in application.cfm. It only happens when a file is included within application.cfm and that file has a lot of code. If it is just the comment in the file, it does not show.

Can someone else try to confirm it? Add a comment to any file that is included within application.cfm and view it in the text view of fiddler. See if the comment comes through.

Windows Server 2012 R2
Tomcat 8.5.6
Java 1.8.0_112

It also appears in the “view source” of the web page…

If it has two – dashes it’s an Html comment and therefore would not be server side if you want it to not show in markup or fiddler etc it needs to be a server side comment — 3 dashes


So sorry - I am embarressed! I am using dreamweaver and clicked on the <!— icon to get the comment, and somehow it used 2 dashes… I never use the 2 dash version, and do not even see where dreamweaver offers that option!
I tried to make a simple sample file to show it and couldn’t… because it was such a stupid mistake on my part! I need more sleep:)