Blackblaze B2 Bucket support

Moved some resources over to Blackblaze for testing and to see if the costs and performance are indeed as they say.
I have mounted S3 resources in Mappings, wonder if there are any tools or CFML functions for connecting to the B2 buckets?
Several searches suggest not…

Many thanks

I’m assuming B2 is S3 compatible, so all the existing S3 tools should work?

Ok So I can just drop the B2 bucket URL in there, I’ll try that.

They say the B2 API is S3 compatible, so one might assume that was the case, unfortunately its not accepting the URL.
Using: s3://B2ID:B2KEY@B2endpoint

Thanks, though also not working in any of the above configurations, and no error messages in Lucee server admin. Perhaps its not compatible at the mapping level. Suspect I may have to mount the drive on the server via the B2 CLI and map it at an OS level to access it.

You might get more mileage from a Blackblaze forum / slack channel?
Seems like something an existing BB user would inherently know.

Good Luck!

Hi there - I run evangelism at Backblaze; part of my role is to handle questions just like this. I didn’t notice this one earlier, since my Google alert is for backblaze, with only one l :slight_smile:

I’m guessing this is the same question I just answered over in our subreddit - it seems like there’s a bug in the S3 extension - it has an incorrect domain name suffix for Backblaze B2. I gave a workaround on the Reddit post, and posted a topic here explaining the bug before I saw this one.