Best Webserver for Lucee

I know this is a pretty loaded question, and I didn’t see any recent threads about it. Currently using CentOS 7 while I decide which fork I decide to migrate to. Rocky or Alma.

I’m trying to make an education decision on Apache or Nginx. My brother is a developer and is pushing me to use Nginx and he raves about it. A lot of what I read says that NGINX is a more lightweight and faster webserver, but with cpu costs becoming less and less per thread as time goes on, my biggest concerns are really stability and security. Load balancing is also a concern. Is there any merit to thinking Apache Tomcat and Apache HTTP would be more stable and cooperative since they’re both Apache projects?

If I were to build an app and eventually ask for professional support from Ortis, want to use FusionReactor, etc. what would be the best webserver to use?

Both are fine, nginx is a more modern generation and scales better.