Best place to start for building a Lucee application

If someone with PHP experience wants to build a relatively small, multipage Lucee application with user authentication and modern security practices, where would they start? Is there a cookbook with sample applications available? Should one start with an MVC framework? will give you the basics of the language and syntax.

You can start with a framework if you already have MVC experience in PHP. Basic secure auth in a fw/1 MVC framework example: GitHub - ddspringle/framework-one-secure-auth: An example fw/1 application with secure single and two-factor (2FA) authentication and session management functions

Good resource for docs and guides, including guides on auth, session management, etc:

You can also explore using ColdBox MVC framework with their cbsecurity module for auth. A steeper learning curve but more bells and whistles in the *box ecosystem.

Hope those help.

— Denny