AxisFault on webservice

I have an Issue trying to run my SOAP Webservice on Lucee.
Lucee Error (org.apache.axis.AxisFault)
Message (301)Moved Permanently

I used to use Axis2 on ColdFusion Server and found at that there is possibility to set in application wstype to “CXF” but after trying it, it says the only allowed value is “axis1”.

OS : Ubuntu 18.04.5
Java Version : 1.8.0_282
Lucee Version :

Do someone know if there is another possibility to use Axis2?

not via Lucee

only Axis1 is supported

I’ve updates the docs remove webservice CXF option by zspitzer · Pull Request #1074 · lucee/lucee-docs · GitHub and have filed a bug [LDEV-3351] remove webservice CXF and JAX-WS options, as only axis1 is supported - Lucee


Did you find Accessing complex web service
Accessing complex web services with Railo - Mark Drew on code


So there is currently in Lucee no posibility to create and call a component as SOAP webservice without manipulating/creating jar-files?