Array performance within Lucee (vs CF 9)

It looks like Lucee has an issue with large arrays - it was confirmed (1x)
on Slack.

var foo = ;
for(var i=1;i<50000;i++){
// 25000 -> 90 ms
// 50000 -> 350 ms
//100000 -> 1250 ms
//200000 -> 7300 ms
//400000 -> 30000 ms

IIRC I hat that problem before on a former Lucee version (4.x), but just
changed my implementation.

Is this a known issue? Or should I report a bug?

Starting from 100000 onwards, this is unusable.

It looks like on CF11 the runtime rises linear while on Lucee it rises
exponentially or progressively - which could mean Lucee is optimized for
smaller arrays!???

Further information:

As Harry Klein mentioned on stack, the issue seems to be already