Are there data size limits in REST?

I have a Windows Server, Lucee and SQL server
Lucee version is the latest

I wrote an API to receive product orders from an Android App.
Up to 10 products, if functions ok, but if we add 11 products, it throws different errors, not really what is happening, for example, it threw an 404 error, when the component is there and works with 10 products.

Looking at the exceptions log, I saw errors like "No matching property [CUSTOMER] found in [STRING].

So I think the data strings in being truncated, that’s why it’s throwing those errors.

Any ideas ?

Don’t forget to tell us about your stack!

OS: ???
Java Version: ???
Tomcat Version: ???
Lucee Version: ???


there are no official limits but there are practical ones in the implementation across networks.

Most gateways and firewalls will limit the amount of URL based data that can be transmitted for security reasons. To be safe I would recommend against any URL that exceeds 2Kb (2048 bytes).

If information that you need to pass is larger, an alternate mechanism is probably safer, e.g. convert to HTTP Post.

I hope I interpreted your question correctly.


which webserver?

Thank you Bilal for your answer. It seems right, the json would exceed 2K for certain.
Best regards.

could also be settings in iis/apache (not sure what you’re using)… can you break it up into multiple chunks