Application.log full of unwanted OSGI logs

I’ve checked this and can able to reproduce with the latest version and too.

  • But, you can’t see the latest versions of snapshots and RC too if you don’t create a log for application as a separate.
  • This issue will log with application.log in web-inf.
  • But, we couldn’t able to see the application.log in that folder.
  • Because the log not available in web-admin - settings/logging.
  • So, if we create an application.log and level as info means, we could see this below log as level info.

"INFO","ajp-nio-8009-exec-8","07/31/2020","16:59:13","OSGI","add bundle:test\lib\jsoup\jsoup-1.10.2.jar"

the missing application.log is another bug/regression?

bug filed

Yup, certainly and see No application.log written, but others are because even if you try and fake it the contents are wrong