Announcing Lucee (final)


And while we’re on the subject, do you guys need a hand keeping
the Docker image up to date ?

  Although lucee/lucee was updated last week, the "stable" lucee52

images are now getting on for 6 months old.
Are these not meant to be used as bases (FROM in Dockerfile) for
real projects ? Should we be basing on lucee/lucee an adding our
own Nginix, JVM updates etc etc on top ?



We build our own from Tomcat’s images…

I thought I’d read somewhere they were in the process of updating all the Docker images sorting the versioning out to make things easier…


@Zac_Spitzer, do you mean just build a snapshot? If you’re dealing with a snapshot, that’s a build based on just a single commit, then you could consider that a stable release, but of course everyone is responsible for their own testing, and making their own judgement calls. There are really countless different testing/upgrade cycles across all Lucee users, ranging from individual developers to large organizations (who obviously have much slower/less frequent cycles), and we try to consider the widest possible range of situations whenever we make a release. But again, in this case, the official LAS position is that we’re not shipping a new final release of The patch is available now in a snapshot, and then it will be included in the upcoming 5.3.2 final release in a couple of weeks.


To clarify, the Docker images are themselves an open source project, entirely separate from Lucee/LAS, and are maintained by a member organization (our friends at Daemon / @modius / @justincarter ). They can chime in on any questions related to that.


lucee/lucee is the repo for docker images 5.3 and on:

Prior to the release of 5.3 Docker images were manually updated. Now there is a dedicated build pipeline that generates many different editions.

What version of Lucee are you looking for on Docker?


We have a new Lucee Docker repository that hasn’t been officially announced yet, but is available here;


We will now be able to support more combinations/versions of base OS, Tomcat version and JRE version, and as soon as this Lucee PR is merged we’ll have automatic builds for every snapshot as well;

The reason I haven’t widely publicised it yet is because there were some lingering issues in, such as cfdbinfo being slow when using MySQL drivers and other issues discussed above in this thread, and unfortunately some of these problems are only fixed in If you are looking to test the new images and use Lucee 5.3 then I would probably recommend starting with rather than the release, but perhaps those issues don’t affect you as much as others.

FYI, the travis-build-matrix branch of lucee/lucee-dockerfiles contains the latest Docker build files, this will be merged to master most likely upon release of 5.3.2.x;

I’ll make an announcement with full details about the build options as soon as I can :slight_smile:

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Our’s is based off lucee/lucee52-nginx

We’ll move to 5.3 eventually but because it changes the classname for the MySQL driver it’s a massive job and all our sites would have to move in sync.

So we’d really like the 5.3 series to be kept up to date, especially with Tomcat and JVM updates.

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