Administrator.cfc API

We have the cfadmin tag, which is very useful and features lots of different attribute combinations for different features, but we always discouraged users from using it because the API is quite messy and we wanted to keep the option open to modify the API in the future without getting backlash from the community a-la “You broke my code!”.

Enter Administrator.cfc – this new component aims to provide a published API that will allow users to do whatever cfadmin does, but without them having to worry about their code breaking in the future due to changes in the API.

So currently @micstriit and @cfmitrah are working to create Administrator.cfc but mostly by using the same API of the original cfadmin tag (i.e. same naming convention etc.)

I think that we should review this before we publish it, because once published we are pretty much stuck with that API.

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I totally agree. Is there a document containing all the methods of the Administrator.cfc already? Are we aligning it with the one ACF provides?

My vote was that we first attempt to implement the same API that Adobe CF has for compatibility, even if we implement a superset of functionality with additional Lucee-only features. I’ve had at least one client who was moving to Lucee and made heavy use of the admin API from Adobe.

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Perhaps we need two separate Administrator APIs given the significant differences in the engines:

  1. a comprehensive Lucee API
  2. a facade that exactly mimics the ACF api, calling upon the underlying Lucee API

Might help us avoid the compatibility traps we’ve encountered in the past…


Makes a lot of sense. The moment this is develpped the ACF team will make sure there are overlaps that paint Lucee in the corner with subtle differences. Better have a: org.lucee.ACFadmin or similar (not sure how you use the admin CFC for CF) and a proper fully functional DEATH STAR version of the Lucee admin API.

@Gert I believe that this is the WIP: