Hi All

Can anyone help with getting ADD OU using <cfldap ?

I get no error and a new OU is not created.
I can add / edit / delete items under existing OU’s but not add new.


I haven’t done LDAP in awhile now, but… it might help if you show us your code and what you’re doing (you can change the names of any dn if you prefer, e.g. dn=example,dn=com).

Also tell us about your stack (Lucee version, Java vendor and version, OS vendor and version), if you’re running in CommandBox or if this is behind Apache, IIS or nginx etc. and if you’re trying to do ldap with Microsoft AD or a *nix ldap server (there are differences).

If I can’t help then at least that information may spur the memory of someone else that can.

– Denny