Add new font for cfdocument

Thank you very much @martin for this information. Didn’t know that… very imortant to know it, maybe also for @roryjc . However, sometimes google brings easier answers, because after digging the net I’ve found an OSGi compliant bundle at

Downloaded the bundle org.apache.servicemix.bundles.zxing-3.4.0_1.jar:

Saved it to path-to-your/lucee/lib/ext/org.apache.servicemix.bundles.zxing-3.4.0_1.jar

Restarted Lucee(Tomcat), saved the following code as testbarcode128.cfm:

format  = createObject("java","");
writer  = createObject("java","");
matrix  = createObject("java","");

<cfset output="My Barcode" />
<cfset barcode=writer.encode(output,format.CODE_128,75,75) />
<cfset image=ImageNew(matrix.toBufferedImage(barcode)) />

Loaded the page, worked.

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Hey Andreas, that worked fine and when i eventually restarted my server all the other attempts i had done on the same DEMO.cfm that didn’t work before also jumped into life !

it was a veritable sea of qr and 128 bar codes !

just got to assign them as server vars now in my implementation.

thanks guys.

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