520 Error

I host a few lucee instances on ubuntu via digital ocean. One of the sites is a lot more important than the others, and also used quite a bit more. I’m continuously running into 520’s on this site, which is a bit of a catchall error. Where in lucee can I find a log that might explain this in more detail? I’ve done a bunch of searches and can’t seem to find any relevant error logs and have pulled out most of my hair by now…

are you using cloudflare?

I am indeed. Please tell me that isn’t a problem??

nah, knowing where a problem is occuring is the first step to solving it

and that probably explains why you can’t find references in your lucee logs

Ok, yeah, sorry, should have been more clear there. I get a 520 on xx% of the loads of a page. A subsequent load normally is just fine. It’s too often to be trivial unfortunately. Cloudflare has a page on this saying it’s just an unknown server error but I can’t find any logs anywhere to explain what might be causing it. I run almost the exact same setup on a coldfusion server and don’t have this problem at all there, so it’s annoying, because I don’t think it’s code related. Possibly related to threads timing out though, since some of the page rendering might take longer on this site.

can you reproduce it with curl as described here?