503 errors with no errorlog in Lucee console

Every now and then we encounter error reports from our users about some page throwing a 503 error. In this particular case, today, we know exactly what page is throwing the 503 error and we’re investigating the issue.

But what bugs me is that in such cases the user gets 503 error, not Lucee error template - and nothing gets tracked into the Lucee error logs.

So, as you might understand, debugging such problems is bit of a pain. Any ideas on what typically causes this behavior (503, no error log)?

We’re using slightly older Lucee as of now:: Lucee running on CentOS.

anything in the tomcat or webserver logs ?

Typically, yes, something, that gets us going. In this particular case it was a non-declared cookie that template tried to set.

But that is not really the case, as our developers get access to Lucee logs to check for bugs in code, but they don’t have easy access to Tomcat / Apache logs.

My point being: IMHO, all errors oughta be logged on Lucee level :slight_smile:

sure, if it’s occurring in Lucee, it should log out

got a test case?
does it still happen with 5.3.8-RC ?
Then file a bug!