Release Candidate 4 (last before stable on Monday)

all under control :slight_smile:

@justincarter @Zackster If you reach out to Travis support for whatever account the docker builds are under and ask for some free credits because your project is open source, they’ll usually reply (and oblige) that day. It’s not a long term fix, but it is a shorter-term fix than converting to GA today :slight_smile:

@modius is sorting out Travis, not sure if they’ll hand out open source credits since we use Open Collective

I’ve translated the travis job to github actions, needs some secrets setup etc

Also, time to change 5.2 to 6.0


After a few small hurdles the GitHub Actions workflow is now working for manual builds and all the latest Lucee Docker images have been built and pushed. Snapshots will be available again soon after the trigger is fired from the Lucee build process.