RC Released

Quick heads up, the latest RC is available for testing via the updates page under server admin. A full change log will be published soon, but in the meantime you can have a look in Jira at the July-August sprint.

It’s a solid release, so dive in and test it out.

The next sprint is looking good with a whole heap of bug fixes lined up to make our development lives easier.

PS: the snapshot sometimes downloads as a zero byte file. If you haven’t updated your Lucee loader jar, this may crash your tomcat. Just delete the 0 byte file under patches and restart tomcat if you experience this.

Updating to a recent loader jar avoids this problem, just be aware you can’t downgrade below the version of the Lucee loader jar you install.

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No post about the new release release?

(The only reason I know about that is down to one person mentioning it in the Lucee slack channel)

Yeah, it’s coming, just figured I’d give everyone an early heads up